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The Concise Encyclopaedia of Economics

Liberty Fund Inc
 — New edition (August 1, 2008)

In this easily accessible, user-friendly volume, respected economist David R Henderson brings together 152 of the most brilliant minds in economics to show how the analysis of economic topics can illuminate many aspects of the average person’s daily life. Some of the noted contributors include Nobel Prize winners Gary Becker and George Stigler, former presidential economic advisors, financial columnists, and economists such as Armen Alchian, Don Boudreaux, Deepak Lal, Anna Schwartz, Lawrence Summers, and Murray Rothbard.The entries cover numerous topics including basic concepts, discrimination and labour issues, corporations and financial markets, issues in economic history, economics of legal issues, regulation, environmental regulation, taxes, economic policy, macroeconomics, money and banking, international economics, economics outside the United States, economic systems, schools of economic thought, and more. Containing over 160 entries, the encyclopaedia provides the reader with a wealth of economic analysis about important issues in a comprehensive, yet readable and engaging format. Originally published as “The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics” and now thoroughly revised and updated, this Liberty Fund edition contains numerous new entries, updates of previously published articles, and a new introduction and index.

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