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The heart of Craftsmanship

Learning how to become open / engaged / empathetic


  • Open Space and becoming present with 5 senses
  • The way of the Warrior of the Heart – (Check Bob’s website)
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • To engage with time the time it takes to become a craftsman / the time it takes to do a job well – time
  • Group polyphonic singing
  • Improv as creative practice
  • Learning the power of narrative
  • Collaborative prototyping


  • The Craftsman asks is what I create for the collective good / ethical nature of craftsmanship
  • Craftsmanship as an organisational culture
  • The crafted organisation – how could craftsmanship change the culture of organisations for the better discussion / facilitation.


  • What would your rules of a creative life be?


  • Suggested reading material – we make 10 recommendations on craftsmanship, personal development, technological, ethical, organizational etc.,

The hand and mind of Craftsmanship

  • If you want to create the future you have to hack it
  • Techniques and process of craftsmanship (creative learning)
  • The process of adjancey (talk by artist / crafts person)
  • Systems thinking and design
  • Pattern recognition and building
  • Developing a new language and literacy to describe realistic alternatives
  • Rapid collaborative prototyping
  • Learning to design for multiple outcomes
  • Culture of openness from the first craftsman’s studio

The Tools of Craftsmanship

  • Hacking and making / command/shift control
  • 3+ stories of crafting the new
  • Coding / programming (Johnny Lennon + Raspeberry Pi)
  • (Code in a day)
  • Deconstruct something
  • Build something : A car, a boat, a website,
  • Prototyping – 3D printing

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