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6 challenges for a non-linear world

January 18, 2012

There are 6 challenges I believe that organisations have to navigate to thrive in a non-linear world.

These are:

[1] How do organisations of all creeds deal with a more complex and increasingly ambiguous world?

[2] How do those organisations push through from living in an ambiguous world to one in which they can begin to design for adaptation?

[3] How do organisations learn to design for a more open world – which will be necessary for survival?

[4] How do organisations learn to design for a more participatory world?

[5] How do organisations develop a methodology for craftsmanship at a personal and more organisational level?

[6] How do organisations prepare for and design for transformation?

These six challenges are also the six principles of NSL.

The key to unlocking this opportunity, so we can design for transformation is through understanding the interlocking concepts of the six key principles of No Straight Lines.

What our research shows us that whether executed digitally or in our analogue world or indeed blended together – those organisations that have addressed these issues with conviction are the ones that have moved being stuck in a world of concussive ambiguity.

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