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Consciousness, logic and mysticism in a non-linear world

May 11, 2013

The regenerative society

Echo replies to echo, everything reverberates.

In a complex non-linear world we have to open ourselves to exploring alternative realities and possibilities. Pushing to the edge of scientific thought we bump up against the unknown, the super-connected perhaps even the mystical. How do we make sense of that?

Someone that read No Straight Lines, wrote to me: reality as we perceive it is the result of the interaction between parts instead of a summation of the ‘properties’ of the individual parts themselves (if even there are such things!), be it elementary particles or human beings. These parallels in fact for me prove the connectedness in itself; that there is a deeper structure that really is the source of the phenomena we often still try to describe in straight, deterministic lines and models.

Miller: Science should go beyond logic from FreedomLab on Vimeo.

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