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Designing a better NHS with data

December 5, 2011

Is it the case that NHS  / Patient Data is for sale? Could we make for a better NHS if we learn’t how to use and design with data properly? What could be the multiple benefits for that?

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said he was worried about the commercialisation of the NHS as Cameron’s plans might possibly engage private companies to access to patient records and other NHS data. That statement needs greater clarification.

The Government argue they are opening up the NHS to new ideas. If this is the case its always wise to learn how other do it well. Below Mohammad Al-Ubaydili of Patients Know Best explains how and why his service led platform works so well. PKB Says they can do what google and Microsoft can’t do.

Patient-controlled records lecture at EHI Live 2011 from Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on Vimeo.

4 things to consider

  1. Designing with data is complex technically and ethically, but it needs to be done
  2. Significant innovation, and savings can be made by drawing data into the core operating(OS) of the NHS
  3. The Government needs a clear vision of HOW data will be used now and in the future to ensure we can design for better patient healthcare
  4. Ultimately this is a human issue and not a technical one – we don’t want to waste another £12.7bn of taxpayers money
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