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October 14, 2013

Creativity is turning fictio into reality

Creativity is turning fiction into reality

Recently I was asked about the case for innovation. What are the necessary conditions to invite transformational innovation?

When an organization, or industry, is faced with a set of circumstances that challenge its existing design, and way of operating which normally go hand in hand with its business model. And, when the traditional efforts to deal with those challenges are failing, then, there is a case for innovation. The means by which one can imagine, a better designed organisation, business or service overcoming those challenges, positioning the organization to become more resilient, whilst turning a fiction into a reality. And offering real value for commercial exchange, and, delivers to the collective good. That one can produce a superior product and service that disrupts and delivers exponential value to an entire industry, think Dyson, Apple, Amazon, Local Motors, crowdfunding or even the banking service Swift. So I have been watching Flute Office for a while.

Flute Office, of the future

Flute Office, of the future

Flute Office is a pioneering company that is producing an entire suite of work place products along with a ground breaking business model to change the way we think about what we sit on, what we work on, what perhaps we do other things on (Do its all verb). I am excited about what they are doing because they are British, their product is so beautifully designed and engineered, its sexy like Apple, and innovatively engineered like a Dyson and drives like a BMW. Oh, and its 100% recyclable, and you don’t just buy a desk, you buy a service, and perhaps a point of view on the world. For example 20% of all landfill comes from office furniture, it takes 540kgs of raw material to make one desk, so why not make something that addresses those issues of waste head one. Then we have the idea of what a work place is, so whether you are a company of 50,000 or five, how we work has changed – inflexible, non-adaptive, uncreative, uninspiring working environments are no-longer required.

Be EPIC:  so be EPIC design for product and business transformation of an entirely new way of making the place of work more in tune with our humanity and nature.

Any colour as long as its black: You can customise Flute products with many varied colours and patterns. It’s as strong as an Ox, well in fact as strong as a medium sized family car – Flute Office also offers end of life recycling. Think of today’s standard office furniture as the milk bottle before the arrival of TetraPak, or Encyclopaedia Britannia before the arrival of wikipedia, or the Cheque book before the arrival of the debit card.

Sometimes these new ways of doing things take a while to get your head around. Because they are counter intuitive. But when you think it through it makes such good sense.

Why is the amazing FlutePro® Desk SO amazing? from Flute Office on Vimeo.

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