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How to design for business transformation

November 21, 2012

Speaking at a number of events recently I have been asked, repeatedly whether large existing organisations can truly evolve and adapt sufficiently in volatile business conditions, and whether an organisation needs to be in deep crisis before they take the necessary radical steps.

The answer is yes — organisations can do it: LEGO, Yeo Valley Farms, The Nova Scotia Public health care system but sadly not enough. But we must face the fact that dynamic, disruptive and systemic change is presenting businesses and organisations with extraordinary challenges that are economic, technological, societal and cultural – all are conjoined and hence complex. How do today’s organisations innovate to adapt in an uncertain world? It is a serious design challenge.

That is many ways is what No Straight Lines is all about, exploring the new shape and dynamics of organisations and firms of the future. The team have put together a short 30 minute read that explores the challenges and design methodology can could help them thrive in a non-linear world.

More information on Transformation LABs

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