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Lessons in the future of mobile communications

December 9, 2011

This is the presentation keynote I gave on my Latin American tour. Firstly, I address the culture shock that many feel at present, as we transition from an industrial world to a non-linear one – the world of No Straight Lines. Addressing some of the key trends that enterprise must meaningfully engage with if its going to navigate this transition smoothly. As it is clear we organisations are at their cognitive limit.

For this audience, I bring these thoughts into focus from a mobile communications perspective.

There are questions we must ask; how does mobile communications enhance, and enable enterprise, communities, organisations, even governments, to become more effective, to become more lightweight, agile and connected? How can mobile communications stimulate economic growth in revolutionary ways? How could mobile transform education and healthcare to deliver better?

How does one use the Swiss-rolls of data as a daily part of business? How can business and business models be transformed by applying mobile communications? How does one embedded sociability into commerce? How can mobile communications enable developing countries to connect up to a global economy?

Alan Moore – Blackberry Collaboration Forum 2010 from Alan Moore on Vimeo.

7 questions organisations must ask themselves

  1. Is our organisation fully literate in mobile communications capability?
  2. Could we become operationally more agile if we were mobile literate?
  3. How could mobile be of greater use to society?
  4. Are we able to evolve and develop new markets and economic models with mobile?
  5. Do we know how to design with, and use data as a valuable resource?
  6. How does mobile help us design for a more complex world?
  7. How could mobile help us evolve our industrial organisational capability to one that looks and operates more like a platform – and would be the benefit in doing so?

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