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September 11, 2013

Craftsmanship: a values based system

Craftsmanship: a values based system

Below is a beautiful simple film about the craft of making sake. Why did I think it to be relevant? Because the ‘engaged’ craftsman brings the full power of humanity to bear upon his work. His hand is guided by his eye, informed by his creative mind; his productivity the act of unique creation. Indeed, the master craftsman is adept in using a values based philosophical framework, as well as tools and materials, to deliver useful things to the world. In this instance sake – and I would argue this mans labours has brought a civilising force to our world, if you don’t drink too much. In Japan, it is disrespectful to pour your own sake unless you are alone. You pour for your guest and your guest pours for you. The social bonds, the interwoven social context, belonging, community, identity are interwoven in this act. The craftsman asks is what I create for the collective good? Its abit different to flipping off the top of a Bud and say, ‘help yourself’.

Why is craftsmanship relevant today? To envision, create and build in a non-linear world we call on the almost forgotten art of the craftsman. The craftsman represents the trinity of creativity, the combination of the hand, the heart and the mind. Craftsmanship is as relevant for the individual as it is for an organisation enabling a deeper, more finely tuned approach to learning and the craft of innovation. Providing an ethical framework and values based approach to commercial and business practice, by asking – is what I create for the collective good? The craftsman or the crafted organisation exists in permanent beta (a constant creative process), the craftsman is always naturally curious, sees systems, builds patterns and evolves literacy through a constant process of exploration of the possible through the interplay between expression and technique.

稼ぎ頭 日本酒 Kasegigashira Japanese Sake from Kasegigashira on Vimeo.

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