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Review of No Straight Lines, via Indie Reader

May 10, 2012

A review came in yesterday of No Straight Lines from Indie Reader,

Moore further argues that the solution to accelerating economic success depends on harnessing collective intelligence that thrives on sharing of emotional investment, passion, focused networked and collaborative participation within society and business versus the linear thinking which thrives on monopolistic-intent and single-source-power driven organizations that no longer protect and serve the society and support humanity, but rather has a “corrosive” effect.

No Straight Lines offers a plethora of examples of how societies and companies around the world are using technology in a collaborative and innovative way, bringing success to their economy and a meaningful connection between the members of the community. Moore successfully demonstrates how many businesses and institutions are locked in all levels of bureaucracy in an outdated and inflexible world vision and makes a strong case about why we should and how to use the tools we have to “effect change and challenge an ideology that’s proven to now be inappropriate for its time.”

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