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The revolt against traditional education

February 1, 2014

Universal Access to Education

Universal Access to Education. A right for all.

Last year I was working with an extraordinary group of people in Salzburg – where we had come together to explore the potential of systemic transformation. In one exercise we worked collaboratively on an idea that each individually intrigued us. Mine was Education. After many rounds of questioning – we were asked to write from the heart, intuitively what we felt. This is what I wrote.

The Revolt Against Traditional Education: Everyday around the world people wake up to a new and exciting opportunity. This opportunity is called ‘Universal Access to Education’. Enabled through technology, particularly mobile technology – people are learning – all people are learning.

Because education is free, entire learning programmes are available to anyone. inspired by MIT that years before had published its entire curricula under a Creative Commons license making available for free its entire education programme. Institutions realised learning had to be freed from the tyranny of money and the narrow of focus of what learning should really be about.

In the 21st Century Networked Society – education and learning is now understood and recognised to be a process of empowerment and liberation for all – and for all genders. That learning should help, aid, enable any human being to become the unique individual with unique gifts that they can give to the world.

This access to knowledge means many more people can contribute their gifts and labour to a global economy. Also – greater knowledge brings greater understanding about each other, which helps closeand heal cultura and religious divides built upon and maintained by those keen to exploit difference. A better educated humanity also impacts on poverty and child mortality unleashing a tide of creativity. This tide helps humanity surge forward.

People will work together and learn together locally – but also people will also learn individually and collectively through digital communication tools in a harmony of blended reality. Finding connection, meaning and common purpose even though they come from different cultures – means there is greater understanding, and empathy for our common humanity.

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