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The rise of the HumanOS

November 28, 2011

In my TEDx talk and in the book I refer to the Human Operating System or, HumanOS.

It is in my view a system upgrade, that seeks to unleash and is unleashing an alternative possibility of how our world might be. How we organise ourselves, how we get stuff done, how we create our best possible future. The point being that it is not technology in a vacuum that is driving ‘WHAT NEXT’ looks like but us. We are using technology to evolve a better possibility for humanity.

As a recent commentator wrote,

You also touched on a term in one of your videos – Human Operating System.  That is a very powerful concept!  The idea that we, as local and global communities, need to get beyond the notion of technology being the operating system (a myopic view) and look to ourselves and our human connections to bring about substantive, lasting and effective change to get beyond the trilemmas of our current age is moving and convincing.  The challenge I think is translating this idea of HOS into tangible models and approaches that can be applied locally.

The HumanOS requires a new literacy, for example one premised on cooperation not coordination; a new organising logic, tools and process; even a new legal framework, or one that is complimentary to the one we already have. That in many ways is what No Straight Lines as a project is all about. Indeed the challenge is evolving tangible models and approaches that can be applied. Because ultimately that means we have developed a new capability.

Ultimately all organisation will be facing the reality of the HumanOS – and will see it either as a best possible future, or as a threat to their existing positions of power and control. (something explored in the book).

However, in No Straight Lines we see the HumanOS as the core DNA of WHAT NEXT looks like. From health care, education to business – both at an SME level to large scale enterprise, and even government.

3 things organisations should ask

  1. Do we understand the key drivers to the future of the 21st Century?
  2. Why is meaningful human connection central to this story?
  3. How is that going to enable my business or organisation to operate at a significantly higher level

If organisations cannot answer these questions – then it maybe they are missing one of the key insights into WHAT NEXT looks like for them.

No Straight Lines Store for Transformation Labs into the HumanOS.

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