Living Bibliography

In many ways the job of a writer is to curate, absorb, synthesise and framework a great deal of information. This project has been complex because it deals with a huge range of apparently unrelated topics that turn out to be interconnected. I wanted to make it easy for readers to delve into those individual topics further by including a Living Bibliography. All of the books and material I have absorbed over the last 7 years are here; information about the author(s), description(s) of the book, videos that enable you to listen to how these many different authors see the world. If you are reading the browser format of ths book, you’ll be able to click from an author or book reference into their corresponding entry within the Living Bibliography here on this website. Or of course you can browse through the entire bibliography by using the links below. These are the same sources that became a fundamental part of my own learning journey.

Teen Content Creators and Consumers

Pew Internet & American Life Project
 - 2 November 2005

The Concise Encyclopaedia of Economics

Liberty Fund Inc
 - New edition (August 1, 2008)

The Craftsman

the craftsman
Allen Lane
 - 2008

The English Novel: from Dickens to Lawrence

The Hogarth Press Ltd
 - New edition (9 Aug 1984)

The Erik Erikson Reader

the erik erikson reader
New York: Norton
 - 2001

The Gift: Creativity and the artist in the modern world

the gift
 - 25 Anniversary Edition – December 4, 2007

The Idea of Justice

the idea of justice
Allen Lane
 - 2009

The Life and Death of Democracy

the life and death of democracy
Simon and Schuster
 - 2009

The National Gain

the national gain
The Prime Ministers Office Helsinki
 - 1994

The Network Society

the network society
Sage Publications Ltd
 - 2006

The Social Life of Information

the social life of information
Harvard Business School Press
 - 2000

The Wealth of Networks

the wealth of networks
Yale University Press
 - 2006

This Ugly Civilization

Philidelphia: Porcupine Press
 - 1929