Meet Alan Moore

Meet Alan Moore

I am a maker, a business innovator. What I do is  change the way people understand and think about the world, and how their businesses can succeed in a world of constant change. In essence, I help companies craft innovative, high performance businesses that are ethical, sustainable and restorative whilst yielding high commercial returns. Yes, it can be done. Building beautiful businesses is my life’s mission.

I am particularly valuable when working with organisations who are at a critical inflection point, when they are paying close attention to transformational change. My value is in creating bespoke programmes to stimulate, identify and realise opportunity.

It is my unique creative capacity to work alongside companies who need my skills and knowledge to help them transform what they do and how they translate that into the bottom line. I am committed to offer all my clients a viable creative vision of what their businesses can become. And I possesses a proven track record of seeing undiscovered potential and realising it. Wherever it lives.

I have worked with many major businesses across six continents, in the form of advising, board positions, teaching, workshops and invitational speaking. These include, Google, Microsoft, KPN, H&M, The Coca Cola Company, MacLaren Automotive, Accel, and Institutional Pension Funds. I have taught and teach at Business and Technology Schools including,  MIT, INSEAD and The Sloan School of Management.

Through my  writing, speaking and teaching I have created an inspirational learning platform. My research on the future of business, which is essentially a declaration on business, society, ethics and high performance companies, is published in my books including: Communities Dominate Brands: business and marketing challenges for the 21st Century (2005), No Straight Lines: making sense of our nonlinear world (2011), Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything (2016). I have been fortunate to have been invited to share these ideas to global business audiences, as well writing for, and, appearing on leading media platforms worldwide.

I do like to ask the question: what would your business look like if you committed to making it beautiful?

There are 3 ways of working with me

  1. Business Mentoring
  2. Capability Building
  3. Inspirational learning

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“Alan is the best I know in describing, if not predicting, why the future of business looks the way it does, and knowing what it means. But more than that, he knows how to apply that connective insight and knowledge to create high performance businesses. Alan would be invaluable to any company exploring ‘what next?’ means to them and what they might do about it”. Menno van Doorn, Director of Sogeti Labs Research Institute. CapGemini Group.

“Alan truly is a visionary in understanding the knowledge economy and has a talent for explaining how we got to where we are today. The disruptions organisations are facing and how they need to evolve and adapt to have a chance to succeed in the future. If companies such as Nokia or Kodak followed Alan’s insights and concepts 5 years ago they would have different outcomes. I recommend corporate leaders to listen closely to what Alan has to say”. Tony Kypreos Board Deutsche Telecom / T-Ventures Group / MD Bauer Digital / Founder DUPL wearable sports tech.

 “Alan is passionate, thoughtful and insightful. He conducted highly effective due diligence for me while I was at Amadeus VC. His grasp of the new ways in which consumers interact with and don’t just buy from businesses has also informed our business development at CTRLiO. I’m a fan and recommend him highly”. Laurence John – Amadeus Capital  / Founder CTRLiO.

“So you have a tricky problem, maybe a dilemma with no obvious right answer, maybe a confusion of priorities and a brand with a split personality, the wrong suppliers, the wrong timeframe. Alan effortlessly guides to you where you can draw inspiration or what you can practically do. It’s not consultancy, it’s more like therapy. Suddenly you see there are lots of right answers. Not many out there like this guy”. Rod Fountain. CEO & Founder at Flute Office.

“I love working with Alan. He is dangerous, disruptive and difficult. These are rare qualities. He asks the difficult questions and gently disrupts what you think is right. In a world where you are just getting to grips with what is happening Alan will be dealing with what happens next. I never come away comfortable after a chat with Alan, I am always motivated and excited – there’s dangerous for you!” John Nolan: Managing Director Apollo20, All3Media Group.

“As CMO at Blackberry, I held a marketing leadership conference where Alan laid out a vision and detailed the future impact of social media and it consequences. Alan helped motivate the team to embrace the new marketing reality and helped us develop a new communications framework to address this change”. Keith Pardy CMO Blackberry.