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I have been a designer for over 25 years. Designing everything from books to businesses, products and services. The Transformation Labs (TL) are a craftsman’s approach to optimistic explorations into difficult challenges. It has to be optimistic to believe we can create much better than what we currently have. They require the full use of the heart, the head and the hand as this is the practice of craftsmanship. These explorations are about discovery and asserting the future. Turning fiction into reality – new and differentiated ways of doing things, new products and services, new business designs. Previously undiscovered.

TL enables participants to assert their future realistically. How can we sustain both the vision for better futures and the painstaking eye for detail that ensures they come to fruition? TL aim to embrace the paradox, sustaining attention to the challenges, and moving flexibly between the vision and the craftsmanship. TL interlaces vision, leadership, and making continuously – it is highly demanding. You will do more much more than post post it notes on a wall with us.

We offer half day, and one day workshops or a two day immersion based on six core principles that evolved from a 7–year research programme¹ it allows organisations to become more:

  • resilient
  • purpose driven
  • economically 

At the end of a TL, participants see challenges differently, developing what we call a pattern language. They are more purpose driven – confident they can create profitable transformation in their business.

The author of No Straight Lines, Alan Moore, has assembled a remarkable faculty to deliver the LAB. They include, a senior director of the UN, artists, designers, innovators, doctors and senior business leaders.

Collectively they and the participants co-create a unique learning journey.

After those 2 days, participants are able to:

  • Understand 
have solved 
 multi‐dimensional problems
  • Apply 

Overall deliverable for the company:

  • Approaches to commercial and organisational success that previously would have been unseen and unexplored
  • New business ideas
  • Innovative and marginal business models
  • Better market understanding
  • New product and service positioning

Investment overview

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Together, and that means all of us created our own experience that embodied all of the six principles of No Straight Lines. So, a huge thank you for undertaking the journey with us. We all learnt profoundly.
KPN participant

I learnt more in the last two days on the Transformation Lab than I have done in the last 5 years.
Participant Bradford School of Business.

The Transformation Labs are an incredible tool enabling companies’ to fast track to understanding what next for business looks like and how to implement those insights.
CEO Du – Dubai

Thank you for a great job that you did for my MBA students – you made them think in a different way (which was the objective) and they loved it (which was my fervent hope).
Peter Hiscocks Chief Executive Officer, Executive Education, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


1. No Straight Lines is a 7-year research project published as a book in 2012 that systemically explored transformational change in business, finance, healthcare, education, and agriculture. The research showed how this transformation delivered higher performing organisations and businesses that can meet the complex challenges of today’s world.


From our Executive Leadership and Innovation LAB, this is what you have said to us:

“I started this message with – so, what can I say? A beautiful, insightful, memorable experience loaded with learning, strong cohesion and (e)motion into a more meaningful future. Thank you”.
“Together, and that means all of us created our own experience that embodied all of the six principles of No Straight Lines. So, a huge thank you for undertaking the journey with us. We all learnt profoundly.”
Alan Moore Author No Straight Lines / founder SMLXL Alwine van Hemstra / video storyteller Beren Strik / artist Arjan Postma / Freedom Lab Future Studies Cees de Weerd / Leadership  Euan Semple / author future of business as social enterprise Ianus Keller / digital craftsman and interaction designer Jorgen van der Sloot / Freedom Lab Future Studies Annalise Conte / Director World Food Programme and systems thinking Tim Merry / Participatory Leadership Juliana Rotich / Ushihidi technology innovation Faisel Rahman founder Fair Finance James Ede / Process Designer and Learning Host Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli / Founder Patients Know Best Giles Hutchins / Author The Nature of Business Pam Warhurst / Food systems thinker, founder Incredible Edible


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