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6 steps to transform the way we do business

August 3, 2013

Published in The Guardian Sustainable Business

Our institutions, organisations and economies were conceived, designed and built for a simpler more linear world. Overwhelmed by complexity, these have become disrupted and unsustainable. There is an urgent need to transform our societies, organisations and economies by better design to thrive in what I call a “non-linear world”. A non-linear world has significant implications for leadership, strategy, and innovation – the design of organisations and economic models as a whole.

A non-linear world is one in which we embrace the power and potential of complexity rather than trying to break it down into unconnected bits and that we see the world systemically. It is where we have the capacity and the tools (which already exist) to transform our organisations to work with the grain of human nature, not against it, that run leaner, more efficiently, and are greener. A non-linear world is a significant upgrade to our linear one, proving that better, much better, does not necessarily have to cost the Earth.

There are six framing principles as philosophy and practice of how to design organisations and economic models for a non-linear world:

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