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Book Review of No Straight Lines

February 23, 2012

This appeared on the Amazon UK site last week.

A catalyst for change

“I think this is an important book. It picks up a trend that started in the last century with Charles Handy talking about “Cloverleaf” structures, annd grew quietly into this century with books from others increasingly concerned about the assyemtric and unsustainable nature of “growth”, such as Porritt’s “Capitalism as if thev World Mattered”, and Umair Haque’s “New Capitalist Manifesto” and “Betterness”

What Alan Moore does really effectively is create a bridge from this thinking to the observations and thoughts of people like Seth Godin, Stephen Pressfield, Derek Sivers and John Hagel to paint a picture of how to add the “What” and “How” to the very large “Why” he describes. The book is well written, thoroughly researched and is a great base reference source for those of us interested in and committed to helping enable the change he foresees. I found his references to Richard Sennett particularly helpful, as I find the analogy to Craft in the way we work compelling.

Perhaps most valuable of all is his synthesis of his arguments into six clear, actionable areas that give us, individually and collectively an outline of how to start getting “unstuck”. (More info on 6 principles here). In conclusion, and to repeat; this is an important book.”

So thank you Richard Merrick for the review

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