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Complexity in economics: non-linear and emergent

December 3, 2012

In No Straight Lines, I explore the nature of how complexity has up until very recently has been ignored by economists who have man-handled a dominant logic into our world which is increasingly proven to be not only wrong but fundamentally wrong-headed that has much to answer for My post Economics Does it Have Any Use?

References can be found in the Living Bibliography, a few examples: (Beinhocker – The Origin of Wealth), (John Holland – Adaption in Natural and Artificial Systems), (Van Dijk – The Network Society), (Jay-Gould – The Richness of Life), (Benkler – The Wealth of Networks), (Castells – The Network Society: A cross-cultural perspective), (Kay – The Truth About Markets: Their genius, their limits, their follies).

Here is Brian Arthur talking about Complexity in Economics.

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