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Democratising legal documents for SME's

March 19, 2013

4486397_300LawBit is an online legal service which provides “simple contracts for small companies”. I am supporting this initiative as I believe that it is this type of innovation is what we need to help lower costs of running businesses especially right now. So a brief intro and then a call to action.

Plain English: Its agreements are written in plain English with no legal jargon. This is the kind of practical approach small companies need. Because the agreements are simpler and shorter this also makes them more accessible and affordable. The platform carries its own unique software which enables users to easily search, create, edit, share and store documents. This can all be done in real-time – no need to wait for email, attachments, re-drafts or meetings.

A virtual law firm is organised around the LawBit platform. This enables users to get editing help for documents, legal advice, negotiating advice, and assistance with dispute resolution via mediation or arbitration – all useful for a busy entrepreneur and all in one place.

Marketing trial: Lawbit are operating a 10 day marketing trial and would like to offer (for this limited period);

1/ 15 minutes free legal advice
2/ 20% off all legal documents on their website
3/ 20% off all legal advice

If this is something you as an SME are interested in Lawbit will provide a link to customised landing page for you. Please email david@lawbit.co.uk with your company logo so they can set up your landing page and give you the link to it.

Watch this short video introduction

The 5 Laws of Lawbit:

  1. We keep small firms safe and sound at a price they can afford.
  2. We believe the Law is for everybody, not just those who can afford high prices.
  3. We simply put our clients first
  4. We believe everyone has the right to understand the legal documents they sign.
  5. We provide the reassurance of a big Law firm, one you can trust.



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