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Elisabet Sahtouris on the future of humanity and ecology

April 2, 2013

How and why do we asĀ  species connect and fit into the world? How and why are we all interconnected, why is it that cooperation is better than conflict? And why does that connect with a more sustainable world? Elisabet Sahtouris explains why… her key argument is attached to the Gaia Principle that Earth will survive anything humans do to it. However, humans may not survive what we do to ourselves. She makes a very convincing case that Homo Sapiens are in the very early stages of their evolution and we have yet to figure out how to use our technology correctly. All other successful life forms have learned to create symbiotic relationships with other living creatures. Modern man is not there yet. Ironically so called primitive societies had it figured out before we brought the industrial revolution on to ourselves.

I think the key point is humanity only surges forward when it is in full cooperative and collaborative mode. Adn when it seeks a net positive value.

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