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Humanity's greatest gift, an awesome book of love

July 1, 2014

Yael Staav’s poignant and emotional interpretation of Dallas Clayton’s celebrated storybook, An Awesome Book of Love, shows us that love is truly humanity’s greatest gift.

Simon Haas in The Book of Dharma, beautifully expresses what true empathetic love means.

Real love is not to love people because they will love me for loving them. By putting ourselves in the centre, we try to make all things serve us. We transform others into commodities for our own enjoyment. We treat others as lifeless things. Thus we live in isolation. W hen we try to make all things serve us we find ourselves utterly alone. When we live for others than for ourselves – when we no longer reduce brothers and sisters to the level of objects for own enjoyment. When we give selflessly of ourselves and cast aside all measure of gain, we gain beyond all measure. Indeed true love does not serve any purpose other than itself.  Love has nothing to take and everything to give.

Many people are afraid of not being loved; but our real though usually unconscious fear is that of loving. We are afraid to let people into our hearts.

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