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Review of No Straight Lines by Tim Smit

April 6, 2012

The Eden Project

I am honoured that Tim Smit the man behind The Eden Project in Cornwall, got hold of a copy of my book, and sent me his take and personal perspective on why he thought it is valuable.

“No Straight Lines is a passionate and intelligent book that explores the insanity of humankinds desire to organise itself along engineered technical, mechanistic lines when we are part of the natural world which is fluid, adaptive and asymmetrical. You find no straight lines in nature. Anyone who is interested in the future, interested in how our aspirations to work in a way that satisfies our creative intent and frankly, anyone who has an interest in the true nature of happiness – should read this important book. You don’t have to agree with everything Alan Moore says, because that is the point – the essence of success lies in adapting what you need to what you do. This is a great achievement and I commend this book to you.”

Tim Smit – Founder the Eden Project, Cornwall

You can read the book in an open access format available by (clicking this link) which can be read in a browser format and its quite a pleasant experience.

Or you can swing by the No Straight Lines Store. Where the book can be purchased either as a paperback set in the beautiful Quadraat typeface, or as a handy kindle ebook.

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