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Society, organisations, economies reshaped by mobile communications and big data

May 5, 2013

A few weeks ago I was in Miami, at the invitation of Blackberry giving the opening keynote based on the No Straight Lines project on how mobile technologies were reshaping and transforming our world. From the living breathing communications eco-system that is wrapping itself around the earth, to the rise smart cities, driverless cars, gamification of healthcare, new trading models and machine to machine (m2m) communications and cloud computing – we covered a great deal of ground.

I also introduced how big data and p2p communications has the capacity to help us deal with complex challenges, in crisis management, weather or man made, and explored our ongoing and evolving relationship with data and privacy.

I was in good company, with Andrew Lippman from associate Director of the MIT Media Lab and Jane McGonigal from the Institute of the Future.

Here is the presentation

Society, organisations, economies reshaped by mobile from SMLXL Ltd
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