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September 25, 2013

Love the work you do

Love the work you do.

What makes work meaningful? Why do we go to work? Why should we work? For whom do we work? Is work about meaning and identity more than money? Should our work be meaningful? What fulfills us and what gets us out of bed on a Monday morning?

It does not matter whether you are a coder, or a metal fabricator like Nicholas DiChiara, work is something that in my mind has always been about purpose and passion. The film is about Nicholas and his purpose and his passion. He is first and foremost a craftsman and talented metal artist from Philadelphia, not that he would say that, he says, ‘I make stuff with rough edges’. I also think he talks beautifully, poetically, about his calling and his craft. From his workshop in Fishtown, Philadelphia he makes beautiful custom made furniture, sculptures and stylish lighting fixtures. Love the work you do.

PORTRAIT OF A METAL WORKER from Eliu Cornielle on Vimeo.

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