Redesigning for and connecting to our best possible future

A journey into the hand, heart and Mind of Craftsmanship

What makes a craftsman or woman, or what does an organisation built around a craft ethos look like? And why does the theory and practice of craftsmanship offer so much possibility to ourselves today – either as individuals or as organisations?

This is an invitation to learn the philosophy and practice of how and why craftsmanship offers us a better way to think about ourselves, how and why we work, and how the crafted organisation makes a difference big or small. This is a journey of the hand, the heart and the mind. Because without all three you will never become a craftsman or indeed a craftswoman.

The 4 sessions will comprise of the following

  1. The heart of craftsmanship – For more information click here
  2. The hand and mind of craftsmanship – For more information click here
  3. The tools of craftsmanship – For more information click here
  4. Crafting transformational change

In this final session you are in competition: put into teams and given a design / innovation challenge. With your newly acquired skills and capacity to create and make, the teams will work towards delivering an innovative response and prototype a doable solution – because ultimately it is what you create that decides what next looks like.

Your journey into craftsmanship

We are looking for people that want to explore and embody the idea and possibilities of craftsmanship to become more creative, curious, resilient, and also better leaders.

You will meet and work alongside some extraordinary people – practitioners’ of their craft who all embody the hand, the heart and the mind. And with them you will be coding and decoding, working with Samurai warrior philosophy, cooking as a team, improvising, prototyping, building a thing, deconstructing a thing. And applying your new learning’s to real world issues. We promise you a real journey into the philosophy and practice of craftsmanship.

The heart of Craftsmanship

Learning how to become open / engaged / empathetic Practice:
  • Open Space and becoming present with 5 senses
  • The way of the Warrior of the Heart – (Check Bob’s website)
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • To engage with time the time it takes to become a craftsman / the time it takes to do a job well - time
  • Group polyphonic singing
  • Improv as creative practice
  • Learning the power of narrative
  • Collaborative prototyping
  • The Craftsman asks is what I create for the collective good / ethical nature of craftsmanship
  • Craftsmanship as an organisational culture
  • The crafted organisation – how could craftsmanship change the culture of organisations for the better discussion / facilitation.
  • What would your rules of a creative life be?
  • Suggested reading material – we make 10 recommendations on craftsmanship, personal development, technological, ethical, organizational etc.,

The hand and mind of Craftsmanship

  • If you want to create the future you have to hack it
  • Techniques and process of craftsmanship (creative learning)
  • The process of adjancey (talk by artist / crafts person)
  • Systems thinking and design
  • Pattern recognition and building
  • Developing a new language and literacy to describe realistic alternatives
  • Rapid collaborative prototyping
  • Learning to design for multiple outcomes
  • Culture of openness from the first craftsman’s studio

The Tools of Craftsmanship

  • Hacking and making / command/shift control
  • 3+ stories of crafting the new
  • Coding / programming (Johnny Lennon + Raspeberry Pi)
  • (Code in a day)
  • Deconstruct something
  • Build something : A car, a boat, a website,
  • Prototyping – 3D printing


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