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Whatever you do, NSL Transformation Labs are designed to help you thrive in a non-linear world.

They say the real voyage of discovery is not to seek new landscapes but to look upon the world with fresh eyes. During the research and writing of No Straight Lines I too have been on a voyage of discovery.

That journey has transformed me and my perspectives and values, it has shaped a vision that says yes we are in a difficult and challenging time and place as we transition from the old industrial order to a post industrial future but now we now have the possibility to truly transform our world, to be more resilient, to be more relevant to us both personally and collectively, socially cohesive, sustainable, economically vibrant and humane through the tools, capabilities, language and processes at our fingertips.

Individuals, organisations, institutions and states face a unique design challenge and that is why we have created the Transformation LABS – a unique process that has been designed as means whereby we enable people to come together with a common cause, or an organisation with a ‘we cant sleep at night’ problem to find a transformational but realistic outcome.

Transformation lab from SMLXL Ltd

Watch the film, have a flick through the short presentation, or have a 30minute read on Designing for Transformation. and if it resonates why not get in touch wherever you are to discuss how we could help you make sense of your non-linear world.

30 minute read about transformational design

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